Married couple dressed in traditional wedding attire leaving the wedding ceremony in a euphoric manner.


"Say no to boring cookie cutter ceremonies."

Performing quality, enjoyable and memorable ceremonies for the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions.

Let’s face it, having too many options can add to the stress of planning a wedding. But since I’m a man who listens to what couples want, I’ve created two ceremonies for you to choose from to make life easier.

Symphony Ceremony

This option allows you to blend in old traditions with new to make it meaningful and distinctly you.

Choose from a range of traditional vows, or if you wish, you can insert a few personalised ones into the mix.

You also have the option to incorporate a marriage ritual or have the entire ceremony centred around your religious belief.

Maintaining traditions with a modern twist are made simple with this package. For those who want to customise their ceremony completely, you can do so using this option.

Customising your ceremony is a celebration of your uniqueness. So you have free reign on the theme, ritual and vows.

Apart from a few legal statements (such as the monitum and legal vows) that you must include, you can write the script any way you like. By the way, don’t worry about the legal part because that’s my job.

Symphony ceremony is perfect for couples who want:

Sharing your story is made simple with this package.

Would you like to elope? Or perhaps you like the sound of an intimate only ceremony? Then the Legals Only ceremony is perfect for you!

Legals Only Ceremony

Sharing your special day with a small group of loved ones makes a collective memorable experience for all involved.

The best part about this option is that you get to choose a location based on what you want and not according to your guests’ needs.

Whether it’s on top of a mountain or in a backyard; it’s all about you. This is perfect for couples who enjoy an intimate approach to sharing their special day with loved ones.

If time is of the essence, then this option is also perfect for shift workers or military personnel who deserves a bit of flexibility.

A Legals Only ceremony is perfect for couples who want:

Creating sincere memories from the heart is made simple with this package.

Now that you have chosen your ceremony, click on the Fees page to find out about my package deals. You may be pleasantly surprised!